❝ We take a very consultative approach to working with your business ensuring that we focus on gaining a deep understanding of your process requirements and overall business objectives! At every stage of the process, we assess the value we are bringing by ensuring we are reducing costs, saving time and removing mistakes❞

James Battison – Director

RPA Consultation

Carrying out an initial consultation is the start of your RPA journey. We will have an exploratory call or meeting to understand your reasons for looking at Robotics Process Automation and the actual processes you believe should be automated.

  • Process consultation and documentation
  • RPA Demonstration
  • Business Case Roadmap Planning
  • Value proposition
  • Business Case Proposal

RPA Implementation

Following the completion of a successful consultation, our in-house and off-shore developers get to work on the build of your bespoke RPA system. Regular updates and further consultation is present at this stage of the overall process. Detailed specification documents are produced and signed off to ensure all requirements are met when building and commissioning our systems.

  • Development process roadmap produced
  • Detailed specification document produced and presented for sign-off
  • Build and in-depth testing of system completed
  • Commissioning of system
  • Training of personnel


Our partnership with McKarthy Labs enables us to offer any and all variations of support contracts to our customers. Each RPA system is built bespoke to your requirements and our support packages are no different. We are flexible in our approach to support and work with you to ensure we give you the level you require.