Having spent over 30 years watching businesses carry out repetitive, mundane tasks that saw numerous mistakes occur, countless hours wasted and thousands of pounds unnecessarily spent, we knew that Robotics Process Automation was the future of business

Mark Battison – Director

Auto Process Robotics was founded with one goal in mind:

To improve the efficiency of businesses by implementing bespoke Robotics Process Automation systems. 

We have partnered with McKarthy Labs to develop and implement the most advanced RPA systems to companies around the world. RPA systems are being used to automate processes that currently take time, cost money and incur mistakes. By automating these processes, you save time, save money, remove mistakes and free up personnel to focus on more important tasks within the business.

Utilising over 14 years of technology and software experience, coupled with an off-shore team of over 200 developers, we are able to build bespoke systems of the highest complexity within any and all industries.

Robotics Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence is the future and the sooner businesses explore this, the better. Using RPA in your business could be the difference between 5 more years of success and 50 more years of success!